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Factory Butte

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, Factory Butte is the place to go! This off-road area known as Swingarm City, offers miles of trails for beginner to experienced riders, making it the perfect place to learn or challenge your skills. With some of the most challenging and unique terrain around, Factory Butte is sure to get your heart racing! So come on out and experience the thrill of dirt biking at Factory Butte 12 miles West of Hanksville!

Off-roading at Factory Butte

The base of Factory Butte offers a variety of extreme off-road terrains. This ATV/OHV motorized recreation area is located 12 miles West of Hanksville  on the north side of Hwy 24 between Factory Butte and the Caineville Mesas. Recreational vehicles can enjoy an exciting off-road playground built of steeply sloping Bentonite Clay hills.

The destination boasts countless hills, precarious drop-offs, and ridgeline single-track trails, along with some of the country’s biggest natural jumps. There are miles of trails to explore! You can spend hours or days riding through some of the most beautiful scenery around. This terrain's surface is made up of bentonite clay , which is why it's blue-gray in color, and why it offers such great natural formations for riding.

Swingarm City is a great place to stay while you're riding. Bring the RV and toy hauler or just set up a few tents. There are no hookups or services, so if you're not looking to rough it, set up your basecamp in Hanksville and ride from there.

Image by Bradley Dunn
Image by Kvnga


Swingarm City is a "freeride" area which means you're free to ride anywhere in the designated areas. There is no true trail system in the area, but don't let that deter you from exploring it. There are short trails on top of the steep "spines" as well as zig-zag trails within the tight canyon walls of dirt.

Need to know

If you're planning on heading out to Factory Butte for some dirt biking, rally driving, ATV or OHV riding, make sure you bring the proper gear! You'll need a bike or OHV, of course, as well as sunscreen, water and snacks. And don't forget your camera - you're going to want to capture all the excitement of Swingarm City! This incredible off-roading area is quite remote so be sure to fuel up in Hanksville before heading out, and be aware that emergency services can be slow to respond to this area. The clay surface is slippery when wet, and prone to heavy flooding during rain storms.

Film History

Factory Butte in Utah has been the backdrop for a number of films, including John Carter (2012) Point Break (2015) and some Nitro Circus films. This incredible natural landscape has also been featured in commercials  such as the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX - Sandman and some music videos.

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