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Town Council

Hanksville Town is proud to have a dedicated group of volunteers that act on its behalf. The Mayor, along with the Town Council members, work together to ensure that Hanksville is a thriving community. They make decisions that impact Hanksville's future and work hard to maintain the town's high standards. Hanksville Town is grateful to have such committed representatives who are always acting in the best interest of the town. Thank you, Mayor and Town Council members, for your service!

Council Member:
Council Member:
Council Member:

Council Member:
Maintenance Manager:
Town Clerk:

Jeffren T. Pei
Eric Wells
Mona Wells
Morgan Stephens
Tanesha Conder
Eric Wells
Lisa Wells
Jessica Alvey

Hanksville Town Office hours are:

Tuesday - Thursday 10am - 2pm

Hanksville Town Council meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of every month at 6pm. Check our calendar for any updates to this schedule.

Hanksville Town is a member of the Rural Water Association and the Utah League of Cities and Towns.

Image by Osman Rana

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