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Ring of Fire Eclipse Comes to Hanksville, Utah

Hanksville residents and visitors! On October 14, 2023, at 10:28 am, a mesmerizing astronomical phenomenon is set to grace the skies above our charming town - the Ring of Fire Eclipse. This rare event promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and Hanksville finds itself perfectly positioned along the eclipse's path. Read on to discover all you need to know about this celestial spectacle, including frequently asked questions and tips for making the most of the event.


What is a Ring of Fire Eclipse?

A Ring of Fire Eclipse, also known as an annular eclipse, occurs when the Moon covers the center of the Sun, leaving a bright, fiery ring (or annulus) around the edges. Unlike a total solar eclipse, where the Sun is completely obscured, this event creates a breathtaking visual as the Sun's outer edges are still visible.

When and Where Will It Happen?

How Can I Safely Observe the Eclipse?

Will There Be Public Viewing Events?

Where Can I Stay and Dine in Hanksville?

Can I Extend My Stay to Explore Hanksville?

How Can I Support Local Businesses?

Mark your calendars for October 14, 2023, and prepare to be amazed as the Ring of Fire Eclipse graces our skies. Hanksville, Utah, is the perfect place to witness this stunning phenomenon. Remember to plan ahead, secure your solar viewing glasses, and consider making a day or weekend of it by exploring our town's unique offerings. Let's come together to marvel at the wonders of the universe and support our local community at the same time. See you under the celestial spectacle!

Are you planning to witness the Ring of Fire Eclipse in Hanksville?

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