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Remembering Patrick "Tico" Pentico

Today we remember Patrick Ryan Pentico, who we lost on 3/31/2005.

Patrick Ryan "Tico" Pentico, age 32, from Hanksville, Utah, was killed in a plane crash in Albania. The aircraft was flying 300 feet above the mountainous terrain when it was approaching a ridge. The airplane was not able to clear the ridge and stalled as the crew attempted to climb away. The aircraft struck the ridge, destroying the aircraft and killing all nine crew members on board, including SSgt Pentico. In 2003, with one engine down and their plane heavily damaged by enemy fire, the pilot and Patrick's crew safely landed a C-130. All 58 people on board survived, but he never bragged about his accomplishments. The Airlift/Tanker Association awarded Patrick and his crew the Gen. P.K. Carlton Award for Valor for safely landing a battle-damaged C-130. The plane was transporting special operations forces during a mission in the opening days of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM when it received heavy enemy fire. During the mission, the plane took 19 hits from anti-aircraft artillery fire, one shell shattered the pilot’s windscreen. The plane landed with three of the four engines operating.

Some of Patrick's closest friends never knew he had received the award.

RIP Patrick. You are never forgotten.

On this day of remembrance you can visit our local memorial for Patrick Pentico here.


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