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April 21, 2022 - Hanksville Town Council

The Hanksville Town Council meeting convened its regular session on the 21st day of April, 2022 in the Hanksville Community Center; meeting commenced at 6:00 p.m.

Present: Mayor Jeffren Pei, C. Morgan Stephens, and C. Tanesha Conder

Absent: Treasurer Jessica Alvey, C. Eric Wells and C. Mona Wells

Employees: Clerk Lisa Wells

Public in Attendance: Sara Bradbury

Meeting to Order: Mayor Jeffren Pei



Roll Call: Mayor Jeffren Pei

Motion to approve minutes of previous council meeting: C. Morgan Stephens; Second C. Tanesha Conder Aye: All in attendance

Report of officers:

Council member Tanesha Conder:

Nothing to report

Council member Morgan Stephens:

Toured the town buildings and has created a spreadsheet with repairs needed.

Council member Eric Wells: ABSENT

Council member Mona Wells: ABSENT


Mayor Jeffren Pei:

Reminder to council to come prepared to discuss the budget and grants to fund their projects. Mayor would like to propose 1% tourism tax – research the possibility and come with questions.

Treasurer Jessica Alvey:


Clerk Lisa Wells:

· Bills presented to council for approval (spreadsheet attached)

· Motion to approve bills for payment C. Morgan Stephens; Second C. Tanesha Conder Aye: All in attendance.

Planning Commission: No Report

Tabled Business: NONE

New Business and Public Comment:

Luke Wells Illustration & Design – SEO and Web Design Proposal – He proposed to update the website and also design it for search engine optimization (SEO) for to get it ranking when you do a google search. He loves Hanksville and has an interest in making this website to help the community. He has broken the project down into two phases. Phase 1 – cost $2,000 He will build out more content on all the current pages, list out all the local businesses and begin categorizing them, redesign the contact page. build out a list of downloadable documents that users may need to apply for town services. Link the town Facebook page with the website. Phase 2 – cost $2,000 He will build 18 new pages with SEO, design, content and photos with the attractions near Hanksville. The SEO breakdown – keyword research for each page with copywriting. Onsite optimizations for each page that will include meta titles and meta descriptions. He will use Google tools for the sitemap, Google Analytics and Google Calendar.

Motion to approve the SEO and Web Design Proposal from Luke Wells Illustration & Design C. Morgan Stephens; Second C. Tanesha Conder Aye: All in attendance.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: C. Tanesha Stephens; Second C. Morgan Stephens Aye: All in attendance Adjourned 6:25pm


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