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June 16 2022 - Hanksville Town Council

The Hanksville Town Council meeting convened its regular session on the 16th day of June, 2022 in the Hanksville Community Center; meeting commenced at 6:00 p.m.

Present: Mayor Jeffren Pei, C. Eric Wells, C. Mona Wells, and C. Tanesha Conder

Absent: C. Morgan Stephens and Treasurer Jessica Alvey

Employees: Clerk Lisa Wells

Public in Attendance: Sara Bradbury, Makayla Bradbury, Curtis and Chylene Whipple

Meeting to Order: Mayor Jeffren Pei

Pledge: Mayor Jeffren T. Pei

Prayer: Mayor Jeffren T. Pei

Roll Call: Mayor Jeffren T. Pei

Motion to approve minutes of previous council meeting: C. Mona Wells; Second C. Eric Wells Aye: All in attendance

Council member Mona Wells:

Gun range grant was submitted. The fence around the grave of Babe Biddlecombe has blown down and council discussed how to repair that fence, no decisions were made.

Council member Tanesha Conder:

Fourth of July events are scheduled and will be posted on the website and also at the post office. Rodeo panel needs will be assessed and give a plane to council next time.

Council member Morgan Stephens:


Council member Eric Wells:

Mayor Pei and C. Eric Wells met with Jones & DeMille Engineering regarding the sewer lagoon upgrade in preparation for the project to be submitted to the funding of Water Quality.

Mayor Jeffren Pei:

Mayor Pei with UDOT regarding lowering the speed limit on highway 24 through town. A study of the current speed needs to be performed before UDOT will consider lowering the speed limit. UDOT is willing to post more signage stating the speed limit. The need for sidewalks and street lamps along highway 24 was discussed with UDOT. Flashing speed sign is an option the cost is $5000 and UDOT would split that cost with the town of $2500 each.

Mayor advised C. Eric Wells to pull the meter from Justin Ekker to prevent usage of water. His account is 10 months past due and has been turned off by maintenance but Mr. Ekker turns his own water back on but does not pay his monthly utility bill.

Treasurer Jessica Alvey: ABSENT

Clerk Lisa Wells:

· Bills presented to council for approval (spreadsheet attached)

· Motion to approve bills for payment C. Eric Wells; Second C. Morgan Stephens Aye: All in attendance.

· Luke Wells reported on the upgrades to the website and the increase of traffic to site.

· Jackson Alvey would like to use the office space at the town.

· Makayla Bradbury submitted a new business license for Beauty by K, a hair salon. Mayor approved the business license.

· Building permit was submitted by Red Desert to convert the garage to an apartment at the residence of 20 N. Center.

Planning Commission:

Chylene Whipple – Shay Morrison with Six County AOG attended the last planning commission meeting. The commission is getting close to finish by their deadline of end of July, with Six County helping with several maps that are needed. The Planning commission meeting schedule is June 21, July 5 and July 19th at 10am.

Tabled Business: NONE

New Business and Public Comment:

Chylene Whipple – Informed council of several bumps down center street.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: C. Eric Wells; Second C. Mona Wells Aye: All in attendance Adjourned 6:45pm


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