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February 3rd, 2022 - Hanksville Town Council

The Hanksville Town Council meeting convened its regular session on the 3rd day of February, 2022 in the Hanksville Community Center; meeting commenced at 6:00 p.m.

Present: Mayor Jeffren Pei, C. Eric Wells and C. Mona Wells

Absent: NONE

Employees: Clerk Lisa Wells and Treasurer Jessica Alvey

Public in Attendance: Sara Bradbury, Caleb Bradbury, Duke Alvey, Morgan Stephens, Katy & Doug Roberts, Ann & Russ Wells, Curtis & Chylene Whipple, Devin Rios, Marina Germaine, Shyann Alvey, Jan Hunt, Dennis Lierd, Tanesha Conder, and Brennen Rees with Ensign Engineering.

Meeting to Order: Mayor Jeffren Pei

Pledge: Mayor Jeffren Pei

Prayer: C. Eric Wells

Roll Call: Mayor Jeffren Pei

Motion to approve minutes of previous council meeting: C. Eric Wells; Second C. Mona Wells Aye: All in attendance

Report of officers:

Council member Mona Wells:

Nothing to report

Council member Eric Wells:

Jones and DeMille have installed a monitoring system in the main wastewater line to capture information. C. Eric Wells will check with JaNell at Rural Water to apply for money from EPA for the sewer project. Also, mayor told him to check with Wayne County Special Service District to apply for matching funds.

The annual Rural Water conference will be Feb 28th – March 4, 2022. Eric will be taking the education and exam for Cross Connection Program Administrator Certification as required by the State of Utah.

Mayor Jeffren Pei:

Emergency Water Protection Grant – the town has applied for this grant and NRCS has set aside $1.2 million in emergency funding for roads damaged by the flood, the bridge at the Bull Creek crossing south of town and sewer pond repairs; Hanksville will need to be responsible for 20% -25% in-kind matching funds. Wayne County has agreed to help with that in materials (gravel, dirt, and rip rap) from BLM lands. The town has to wait until the engineered plans are done before we can start counting in-kind work. Any road clean-up will be part of the in-kind hours.

The mayor will approach UDOT about lowering the speed limit on SR24 through town.

Treasurer Jessica Alvey:

Nothing to report

Clerk Lisa Wells:

· Bills presented to council for approval (spreadsheet attached)

· Motion to approve bills for payment C. Eric Wells; Second C. Mona Wells Aye: All in attendance.

· A request has been received by the clerk to read a Hindu prayer remotely at a council meeting.

Tabled items:

Appoint new town council members: 2 applications for appointment to fill vacancy on the Hanksville Town Council were received and read to the council. The applicants were: Morgan Stephens and Tanesha Conder.

Motion to appoint Morgan Stephens and Tanesha Conder to the Town Council Mayor Jeff Pei; Second C. Eric Wells

Several members of the public in attendance expressed their willingness to serve on the Hanksville Planning Commission. The ordinance to adopt a planning commission was read.

Motion to appoint new planning commission members as follows: Chylene Whipple, Sara Bradbury, Jan Hunt, Katy Roberts, Devin Rios, Shyann Alvey and MaRina Germaine. C. Eric Wells; Second Mona Wells Aye: All in attendance. *NOTE: On 2/10/2022 Mayor Jeffren Pei also appointed Charity Jackson to serve on the Planning Commission.

New Business and Public Comment

Brennen Rees – Ensign Engineering read the bid tabulation results for the Hanksville Road Improvement Project. CKC Operations, LLC $594,696.40, Harward & Rees $621,376.50 and Nielson Construction $533,000.60.

Due to bids over the budget Ensign is taking out the portion of the bid regarding the drainage issue by the firehouse; the low bid with those items removed was Nielson Construction at $471,379.10

Motion to award the contract for Hanksville Roads Improvement Project to Staker & Parson Companies DBA Nielson Construction Mayor Jeff Pei; Second C. Mona Wells Aye: All in attendance

Caleb and Sara Bradbury are requesting the Mayor to sign a release of a Public Utility Easement that is attached to their property described as Lot 2 Rookie Subdivision Cont. .38 AC. This easement runs 15’ on their property and 15’ on the adjoining property of Jared and Shyann Alvey. The Bradbury’s have requested from the Alvey’s to sign the release as well. Mayor Jeff Pei denied the request and outlined to Mr. Bradbury further items needed before he would sign the release of the easement.

Katy Roberts – Would like the town to update the town website to include her business. She also would like to see the Town of Hanksville purchase a booth at the annual Utah Boat Show and Watersports Expo the cost would be about $1500 for a 10’x10’ space, could be used as a job fair for the town. Also, Katy is requesting that the town print more of the brochures.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: C. Eric Wells; Second Mayor Jeffren Pei Aye: All in attendance Adjourned 8:30pm


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