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March 17th, 2022 - Hanksville Town Council

The Hanksville Town Council meeting convened its regular session on the 17th day of March, 2022 in the Hanksville Community Center; meeting commenced at 6:00 p.m.

Present: Mayor Jeffren Pei, C. Morgan Stephens, C. Tanesha Conder, C. Eric Wells and C. Mona Wells

Absent: Treasurer Jessica Alvey

Employees: Clerk Lisa Wells

Public in Attendance: Sara Bradbury, Chylene Whipple, Dirk and Chevaun Black, Marina Pei, Kelly Taylor, Wendy Pattrick,

Meeting to Order: Mayor Jeffren Pei

Pledge: Mayor Jeffren Pei

Prayer: C. Eric Wells

Roll Call: Mayor Jeffren Pei

Motion to approve minutes of previous council meeting: C. Eric Wells; Second C. Morgan Stephens Aye: All in attendance

Report of officers:

Council member Tanesha Conder:

Nothing to report

Council member Eric Wells:

Cross connection certification is complete and the back flow prevention program should be implemented by the end of the year. Tyler Moore will be working with Eric to get the SCADA working.

Council member Mona Wells:

Met with Sue Fivecoat, BLM rep, regarding the gun range, the town has a limited-use permit for the gun range, like the town park, but the gun range permit needs to be updated. BLM concerns with the gun range: an extra road that shouldn’t be there, no garbage cans on site, and no camping should be allowed. C. Mona Wells has a list of the terms and conditions of the property from Sue. As long as this property stays a gun range then the permit is valid.

Council member Morgan Stephens:

She will inspect each town building and report next council meeting.

Mayor Jeffren Pei:

UDOT sent information regarding the final plan to put jersey barriers at the Bull Creek crossing of Highway 24. The mayor has sent pictures to UDOT with tourists and local children crossing highway 24 to show the danger of that crossing.

A new stop sign is needed by the storage units or a yield sign.

Treasurer Jessica Alvey:


Clerk Lisa Wells:

· Bills presented to council for approval (spreadsheet attached)

· Motion to approve bills for payment C. Eric Wells; Second C. Morgan Stephens Aye: All in attendance.

· Lantis Fireworks has increased their prices this year but the council agreed to keep the same package at the additional cost for a total of $6250 for the firework show, an increase of $1290 from previous years.

· Regional Growth Summit May 10th – Mayor is requesting council members and P&Z members to attend.

· Budget training and prep for budget review next council meeting

Planning Commission: Chylene Whipple brought the brochure that the planning commission has prepared that introduces the new committee and outlined the upcoming goal of the commission along with a questionnaire with a short survey to gather views of the town. These will be mailed out to every boxholder in Hanksville. The planning commission is also recommending to the council that a public hearing be held to adopt the current Wayne County Zoning ordinance issued in 2011.

Motion to have the planning commission hold a public hearing to get public input regarding adoption of the 2011 Wayne County zoning ordinance: C. Eric Wells; Second C. Morgan Stephens Aye: All in attendance

Tabled Business:

Triple R Management – request commitment from the town to access the town water system to provide water to 20 lots in a new subdivision they are developing outside the town boundary. The council agreed to issue Triple R Management a letter approving their request to access the town water system as long as they understand that the town water ordinance be followed and upon Triple R getting approval of the BLM to grand right-of-way access for the water line.

Sara Bradbury – Asked the mayor if the denial letter from the town still stands rejecting the release of the public utility easement on their property now that she has all the signatures of the other parties. The mayor said the denial letter still stands.

New Business and Public Comment:

Kelly Taylor – Is there anything he needs to know regarding his proposal going forward? He is assuming that his next step is to meet with the planning and zoning when they get functional. He would like to discuss with C. Eric Wells about the sewer and how that would be connected.

Motion to hold a closed session as per UCA 52-4-4 to discuss possible litigation and fees Mayor Jeffren T. Pei; Second C. Eric Wells. Roll call vote: Mayor Pei – Aye; C. Tanesha Conder – Aye; C. Morgan Stephens – Aye; C. Mona Wells – Aye; C. Eric Wells – Aye.

Public was dismissed.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: C. Morgan Stephens; Second Tanesha Conder Aye: All in attendance Adjourned 8:30pm


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