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September 8 2022 - Hanksville Town Council

The Hanksville Town Council meeting convened its regular session on the 8th day of September, 2022 in the Hanksville Community Center; meeting commenced at 6:00 p.m.

Present: Mayor Jeffren Pei, C. Mona Wells, C. Morgan Roberts, C. Tanesha Conder and C. Eric Wells

Absent: Treasurer Jessica Alvey,

Employees: Clerk Lisa Wells

Public in Attendance: Katie Roberts, Curtis Whipple, Jan Hunt, Bill and Jennifer Wells

Meeting to Order: Mayor Jeffren Pei

Pledge: Mayor Jeffren T. Pei

Prayer: C. Mona Wells

Roll Call: Mayor Jeffren T. Pei

Motion to approve minutes of previous council meeting: C. Mona Wells; Second C. Morgan Roberts Aye: All in attendance

Council member Mona Wells:

Poster is needed for Founder’s Day which will be 9-24-2022 C. Mona Wells has checked with Scott Chestnut at Wayne County and dumpsters will be available for the cleanup and will be free dump for that day. C. Wells would like to offer anyone that has bigger items that they need help loading for the dump contact the clerk’s office to make arrangements for that help. C. Morgan Roberts will make posters for the Founder’s Day. The town will pay for the meat for the potluck dinner.

DUP ladies are planning a bazaar for November 19, the Saturday before Thanksgiving and would like to use the Old Church. The town will waive the fee for the rental for this event since the DUP has been cleaning the building. All are welcome to buy a booth and sell any items or donate items for sell to the DUP for their fund raising.

Council member Tanesha Conder:

Nothing to report

Council member Morgan Stephens:

Following up on the AC/heat units that were purchased for the housing, they are all here and will be installed in the coming months. Apt 2 is currently being rented by Red Desert for employee housing, since her employee, Marina Pei, quit her employ she has been notified to file with the town a new application if she wants to be a tenant. Clerk has given Marina and Tyson Hunt an application but they have not returned it for council approval. The RV beside Apt #2 needs to be removed and clerk will text Tyson to move the trailer.

Council member Eric Wells:

John Chartier, with DEQ, met with Eric as he inspected the sewer lagoons. They are working sufficient as possible with the damage received from the flood on 9/1/2021.

Tyler Moore, with Moore Electric, is coming to look at the generator at the Navajo well.

Mayor Jeffren Pei:

Mayor submitted an estimate of recent damage to Locust Lane to Wayne County for possible FEMA help through the State of Emergency that was declared. from the flood on August 20/21. Even though the sewer ponds and the Bull Creek crossing was damaged last year in the 9/1/2021 flood, they have continued to receive damage from current flooding. Governor Cox has asked any county that has had damage from the flooding be submitted so these projects may also be considered by FEMA.

Mayor will check with Ensign about the final items to finish the road project. They have not been paid the final amount, which we will hold until the project is complete. Nelson Construction is done using bulk water, C. Eric Wells will get the meter reading to the clerk so they can be billed.

Treasurer Jessica Alvey: ABSENT

Clerk Lisa Wells:

· Bills presented to council for approval (spreadsheet attached)

· Motion to approve bills for payment C. Eric Wells; Second C. Mona Wells Aye: All in attendance.

· Rowe Whitby water/sewer connection – C. Eric Wells has talked with Rowe and he is aware of the additional expense to him to bring the utility across the road.

· Mike Petree has asked to host a meet-the-candidate night on 9/22/2022 in Hanksville at the community center. He is running for

Planning Commission:

Katie Roberts is waiting for instruction from the council of how to proceed regarding the zoning ordinance. They are reviewing Torrey and Bicknell’s zoning ordinances and will plan to meet September 27th. All council members have been instructed to review these model ordinances as well so the planning commission will have a direct of where to start. There is a possibility that planning commission may have some vacant seats. They will discuss at their next meeting if those serving are committed to stay as they develop a zoning ordinance for the town council to review. Bill Wells mentioned that he didn’t want to be on the council but is willing to act as a consultant.

Tabled Business:

· Paid time off for town employees – Council discussed this item that was tabled at the last council meeting.

· Motion to add to full-time employee’s payroll benefits of 5 sick days allowed in a year C. Morgan Roberts; Second C. Tanesha Conder Aye: All in attendance.

· Moratorium on short-stay rentals – Council discussed pros and cons to have short-term rentals in our community. A moratorium was discussed but they did not agree to implement anything at this time. There are currently a few homes that are being used as short-stay rentals that do not have a business license. There are several homes being rented on Airbnb that do not have a business license, the clerk will follow up and contact each of them to make sure they get a license.

New Business and Public Comment:

Bill Wells – He owns 4 acres that he had surveyed by Jones & DeMille in 2009 that he would like to divide into one ½ acre lot and one 3-1/2 acre lot. He would like the support of the council and needs a letter from the council approving this subdivide. His opinion is ¼ acre lot size is too small and 1 acre is too large. Culturally the history of the town a ½ acre is sufficient to grow a garden, have chickens and a milk cow; ¼ acre lot size could change the culture of the community. Curtis Whipple agreed that ½ acre lot size is a great option. Bill said he is in favor of annexation and shared his knowledge of the process. Bill presented his drawing of the property he wants to divide to the council and asked for a letter of support from the council.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: C. Mona Wells; Second C. Eric Wells Aye: All in attendance Adjourned 7:05pm


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